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The Mineola Nature Preserve in conjunction with

The Astronomical Society of East Texas

will sponsor

a viewing of the Total Lunar Eclipse

at the Mineola Nature Preserve

on Sunday evening, January 20th,  from dark until Midnight.

The location is the "East" parking lot. So park on the "West" side.

The Moon will move into Earth's shadow causing the Moon to look darker and eventually reddish (Blood Moon) before moving out of the shadow.  The eclipse begins at 8:36pm , it will totally eclipse the Moon at 11:11pm and will be over at 1:48am Monday morning. The Moon will be at it's closest to the Earth during eclipse, so it will also be a Super Moon.
Try to arrive by 8pm so viewing will not be interrupted by car lights.  Please park on the West side parking because viewers will be in the East parking area.
This is a weather impacted event.  Should be skies be cloudy or rain, the event will be cancelled.
For more information, see the Society website: or our Facebook page or text to 903-520-7338.

And if you are familiar with the Preserve, the coyotes will be probably be howling at the Eclipse!